Build a brand for your business

The biggest benefit of offering a loyalty program is to cultivate your marketing list. Your customers are interested in receiving offers, and therefore they are eager to opt-in.

Track your customers behavour

Our Loyalty Program module allows you to keep track of customer spending behavior, and tailor your offers accordingly.

Loyalty programs are currently the hallmark of large, successful enterprises, but they entail difficult custom development work, high budgets and planning. A small business usually lacks the necessary capital, labor resources and understanding needed to reap the full benefits. As a result many sign up for programs that don’t go beyond discount-based marketing (while promoting the loyalty program provider). The Webspot Mobile Loyalty Program module was built to address these key issues.

Build a Loyal Customer Base Through Rewards

Build a Loyal Customer Base Through Rewards

Customer Details

Collect customer contact information like email address and phone number at registration for future reach.

Easy Administration

Secure points submission and redemption process (only authorized employees can submit points and redeem rewards)

Reporting & Tracking

Customized reports on transaction history and customer behavior (for personalised offers and communication).

  • Digital Customer Loyalty Program

  • £990 setup + £299 pm
  • Setup and design of loyalty program
  • SMS & Email database setup
  • Promotional Flyers designed and printed
  • Up to 500 loyalty customers (additional capacity available)
  • User availability of email designer platform
  • SMS Platform access
  • BUY